Suggestions for the Role of Governments in Public Education

Governments can define the purpose of public education as: Helping Individuals Learn.

Governments can guarantee unlimited assistance for learning for every individual.

Governments can guarantee conditions that insure health, dignity and justice for every individual.

Governments can prescribe goals for public education as: wisdom, balance and integrity.

Governments can provide guidelines for education.

  • Emphasize choice, exploration, research and the joy of learning.
  • Emphasize the quality of student - teacher relationships.
  • Emphasize long term student - teacher relationships.
  • Balance linear and nonlinear experiences.
  • Minimize competition, testing, grades and grading.
  • Include mentoring, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Include health, nature, fine and applied arts.
  • Include opportunities for intellectual and skill development.
  • Exclude ideological proselytizing.