Can the US Be a Popular Democracy?

The US is, and has always been, a plutocratic oligarchy, working toward a democratic republic; but never achieving it. 

Now, in the year 2016, the oligarchy is complete. Corruption is blatant. Public influence in government is minimal. The illusion of democracy is an elaborate fraud. The plutocrats are insolent. The people are angry. 

The plutocrats must have compliance. They invest heavily in manipulation and control. Their defenses are formidable; but, like the Wizard of Oz, they are vulnerable.

All power resides in the individual, who expresses it by choosing.  Individuals play the tunes. Individuals can stop dancing when they don't like the music.

Morality and Practical Principles for Social Systems

Morality is a group of choices, that we make, about who we are and what we do.

Morality is unique for every person. 

Morality evolves as we evolve. 

Morality is not ideology. Ideology is not morality. 

Morality is wisdom. 

Humans have failed to develop adequate social concepts and systems because we depend on competing ideologies. If we apply individual morality and wisdom, instead of ideology, we can develop ethical practical principles for social systems. The following points are offered as an example.

  • Being in harmony with nature is fundamental.
  • Keep simple and just community rules. 
  • Share responsibilities and benefits equitably. 
  • Assure health, safety, dignity, justice and opportunity for all.