Peace, It's What We All Want

Peace is what we all desire. 

Peace is more than the absence of conflict. 

Peace is balance and harmony. 

Peace is more than civility and cooperation. 

Peace is recognition of responsibility. 

Peace is more than wisdom and moral maturity. 

Peace is shared consciousness. 

Barriers to peace are distortions of reality. 

Barriers to peace are rooted in individual human ignorance and immaturity. 

All barriers to peace, are created and maintained by us. We build ethics and systems that create conflict and make peace impossible.

Threats to the USA are Internal

There are no significant external threats to citizens of the USA. 

The real threats to the welfare of citizens of the USA are opportunists who take more than they contribute, inadequate ethics and unsustainable linear systems.

The real threats to US citizens are delusion, ignorance and fear.