Ideologies Are Killing Us

Ideologies and the institutions that exploit them, are killing us. 

Ideologies are religions, sacrosanct ways of acting or being, beliefs, narratives. They are attractive ways to escape responsibility. They are convenient tools for nefarious meddlers.

I am becoming more convinced that ideologies, and our propensity to adopt interpretations of reality from others, cause our problems.

If, with curiosity and wisdom, we consider everything and believe nothing, I think we are more likely to survive and prosper. 

Somehow, we have to increase and improve our exploring and critical thinking. 


This is How I See It

Fealty to any ideology is irresponsible.

Fealty to a destructive ideology is malfeasance.

Neoliberal capitalism is a destructive ideology. 

The US is the bastion of neoliberal unrestrained destructive capitalism. 

The US is the primary threat to economic stability and peaceful coexistance. 

The US is the primary destabilizer and destroyer of planetary systems.

The US is no more or less evil than any other nation — but it is bigger. 



Extinction or Not

The horrifying truth is that humans are facing extinction. 

We are destroying the biosystem that sustains us. We are wrecking natural systems and killing countless life forms.  Arguments about who is to blame or how we got here, waste time. The truth is, we are all complicit.

Survival is a choice. Survival is a responsibility. Survival requires courage and wisdom.

I think governments must guarantee democracy for all people, immediately. I think all systems that harm and all systems that are not regenerative must be controlled and minimized or eliminated before 2030. It will require the sustained effort of millions of people, to build democratic governments and new ways of being in harmony with the earth.

You are not alone. There are millions working on solutions. There are thousands of groups focused on the problems. Find one near you.

The End of Nations

I think we are seeing the end of nation states. 

I think we are moving toward decentralized federations of regional groups.

It  may take a while to get there.