We Are Addicts

Instead of being curious and seeking truth, we adopt stories and ideologies. We sort and manipulate our interpretations of reality to fit our delusions. 

Virtually everything we experience is an artificial construct. We are wasting our lives on destructive trivialities. We are causing incomprehensible harm.

We are addicted to a fantastic version of reality. We are addicts.

Technology Is Not Magic

Technology is not magic. It will not save us.

Technology is a product of our knowledge. Knowledge and technology evolve exponentially. Knowledge and technology evolve faster than our abilities to make wise choices. 

Humans usually make choices based on perceived immediate benefits.

Bad choices produce bad results. Bad choices magnified by technologies, are disastrous. 

He, Who Controls The Narrative, Rules.

Historically, humans cooperated and told stories to teach and explain. 

Delegation of power began as natural deference to elders.

Cooperation on larger scales required delegation of power on larger scales. As small groups became larger groups, knowledge and traditions hardened into ideologies. Cooperative systems became centralized systems. Centralized systems enabled nefarious individuals and groups to seize power and resources for their own benefit. Centralization beget more centralization, in an explosion of depravity and destruction. Centralization empowers centralized control of the narrative.

He, who controls the narrative, rules.