AI Danger

The more we learn, the faster we learn more. Technology is a product of knowledge. Both knowledge and technology evolve at exponential rates. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is compounding at incomprehensible speed and poses a real and present danger. We are ignorant and vulnerable. We can, and we must, move quickly to understand the challenge; and build ethics and systems that cause no harm.


Evolving and contributing to the cosmos is more important than winning one of the games we invent.

Games can be fun; but they can distract us from our primary role. 

If you win all the chips, but you destroy the biosphere that you depend on, you are a fool and a failure. 

The Takers

There are those among us, who think it is normal, for some of us to subjugate others of us, for their benefit.  To accumulate at the expense of others. To extract wealth and damage the earth and the biosphere that supports us. Their realities are divorced from the natural world and are rooted in game theory. They cause harm and contribute little or nothing to the common weal. They are the Takers. They are evil.