We Are Ruled By Sociopaths

Centralized systems promote non-empathic people. We are ruled by sociopaths.

Centralization enables disproportionate effect. Centralization facilitates autocracy.

Decentralization disables disproportionate effect. Decentralization facilitates democracy.

We need more cooperative networks of autonomous individuals.

We need to bring shared consciousness in to physical reality.

Redesigning Education: Helping Individuals Learn

Learning is what humans do. It's central. Life depends on learning and evolving in harmony with the universe.

Education is helping individuals learn. Things that do not help an individual learn are something else; they are not education. Confusion about the purpose of education is dangerous. Ideologues and politicians battle to influence it. Education is not indoctrination or training. Education is helping individuals learn.

Learning is personal. Learning is internal. Learning is unique for every individual. Optimum assistance for learning is unique for every individual. Optimized education is helping individuals learn.

Learning assistance should be available for everyone from birth to death. Individual. Personal. Local. Open access. No grades. No grading. No competition. No centralized program design. Free guidance and counseling. Learning assistance should be helping individuals learn.

Systems and facilities that assist learning must be central in our lives and environments. They must be open, accessible, pedestrian, located and scaled to facilitate community. We can start with the integration of the internet, libraries, schools and colleges.